Artist statement

The way I feel about the human form is a deep connection with line, shape, and beauty.  It is not a connection to personality, identity, or body.  I explore the surface of the figure the same way I explore nature. There are small nuances to be discovered and lines, like paths, to be followed. There are soft shadows and harsh bright lights and sometimes everything is flat like a cloudy day.  There must always be an element of decay or imperfection.  The figure cannot only be beautiful just as nature is not always beautiful. That is where thick dark lines and heavy strokes come in handy.  I am drawn to certain colors and they are not the colors of the body but colors that I find beautiful, blues like crisp clear skies and vibrant glowing oranges like California Poppies or sunlight through petals-which is much like combining vibrant colors and neutrals to achieve a sort of skin glow. I aim to communicate the human form as a beautiful natural formation worth exploring.